Frequently Ask Questions.

Here you'll find answers to the most common questions about our templates and this site.

What is a site template?

A site template is a ready-made webpage or set of webpages that helps you set-up a high-quality website in a short period of time. It speeds up your design process since the pre-designed and pre-built webpages will serve as your starting point. It provides you with a fully designed and coded site layout that you can modify allowing you to build a website without the need to hire a professional web designer. Site templates help you save time and money. [back]

What is a responsive site template?

A responsive site template is a template that responds and adjusts itself on the device (e.g. mobile phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers) it is being displayed on. In a responsive template, the site layout changes, adapts and adjusts to the current device, orientation and screen resolution the viewer has. [back]

What editors can I use to edit the templates?

Actually, you can use any text editor if you're familiar with the basics of CSS and HTML. But these are the ones I use and recommend:

How do I credit styleshout?

Just visibly credit us somewhere on your site. We prefer the footer credit that comes with the site template but if you don't want it there, you're still free to move it somewhere else on your site. [back]

I'd like to convert your templates into a particular CMS/blogging engine. Am I allowed to do that?

Sure. No problem. You're always free to convert our designs into any CMS or blogging engine. Just don't forget to credit us on the converted theme/template. We would also like to see the converted theme so please let us know and send us the link to the theme. [back]

I've installed your template in [insert CMS/blogging engine name here] but it's not working. What Am I doing wrong?

That won't work since our designs are just HTML and CSS templates and not CMS/blog engine themes. You'll need to port and code our designs into the CMS/blog engine before you can install and use them into that system. Fortunately, most of our designs have already been ported into various CMS by some developers so chances are you'll find ported versions of our templates on the net. [back]

Is it possible to use your templates without giving credit to your site?

Yes, it's possible. If you want to remove the credit to styleshout, you can send us a credit removal fee via paypal. See the license page to know more on how you can do this. [back]

I want to contact the owner of a site using one of your templates. Can you help me get in touch with the site owner?

Sorry but we can't. It is very difficult for us to know exactly who are using our templates because anyone can download and use them. [back]

I stumble upon a site with contents I find offensive and objectionable and it says you designed it. Are you associated with them?

All are free templates are released and distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License meaning that anyone who uses our templates are required to credit us for the design. This is usually in the form of a credit link which is the reason why the site in question is referencing us.

This reference, however, does not mean that we are associated with the site or responsible for its contents. It just happen that the owner or the site downloaded and used one of our free templates to build his or her site. We don't know who the site owner is and we have no idea how to contact him or her. Again, we don't have control, access and responsibility for the site and its content.

If you want to contact the site owner, we suggest that you do a WHOIS lookup on the domain name. This may help you get their contact information, or at least their web host contact information where you send a complaint to the appropriate department. [back]

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All site templates are released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License which means that you are free to modify the templates anyway you like and use them for your personal and commercial projects. All we ask is that you visibly credit styleshout for the design somewhere on your site. And also, spread the word, tell your friends about us.

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